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Good sponge is not afraid than


Xin Yi Sponge:

Without adding any calcium carbonate, using imported raw materials, the product has better stretch elasticity, longer service life and higher comfort

General sponge:

Sponge with calcium carbonate added, low price, poor product quality, poor stretch elasticity, short service life

Xin Yi SpongeRaw material supplier


15 years of professional R&D and production of high quality sponges

High-quality sponge custom select manufacturers

Company two production bases covers up to 55000㎡,Introduce advanced production equipment, annual sponge production 20000dun,guarantee timely delivery

Xinyi sponge products are widely used in cooking utensils, high-grade sofas, passenger car cushions and interiors, sports equipment, infant and children's vehicles, etc.Many industry sectors, selling at home and abroad

Sponge quality provides a solid guarantee

Selected imported high-quality raw materials that meet international environmental standards

Most of the company’s raw materials use imported raw materials of famous foreign brands, and Establish long-term strategic partnership

Strictly control the quality of sponge raw materials,No need to add calcium carbonate to provide customers with safety, pollution-free high quality assured cotton

Full-time quality inspectors, advanced quality inspection equipment, and strict management procedures

To ensure the high quality of Xinyi's sponge

Full import ISO9001-2008International Quality Management System,From raw material procurement to delivery, every process has a strict scientific quality management process

Strong R&D team (from Dow, Bayer experts), co-developed with Dow, Bayer, Huntsman, and Shanning,Protect customer needs

Scientific perfect after-sales service team allows you to choose worry-free

According to the actual needs of customers to provide customized sponge program

Xin Yi SpongeStrong customer service team,every professional is equipped with professionals,one to one solution

Exclusive truck team, with complete and comprehensive logistics information, low cost, high delivery efficiency,Guangdong can be delivered within 24 hours

National Service Hotline 15298589688

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About us

Dafeng Xinyi Sponge Factory

Dafeng City Xinyi Sponge Factory was established in 2005, covers an area of ​​40,000 square meters, enjoys only 5 kilometers away from the coastal expressway Dafeng Export, Yancheng Airport only 40 kilometers of natural transportation network advantages. The companys fixed assets amount to 50 million yuan, and its annual output exceeds 3,000 tons. It has advanced sponge foaming equipment, sponge cutting equipment, and sponge deep processing equipment. It has more than 200 professional technicians and operators. It mainly produces daily necessities and Industrial materials two series of spo...


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Why can't the kitchen cleaning sponge be used for a

Why can't the kitchen cleaning sponge be used for a

The kitchen necessities are now inexpensive when cleaning sponges and are easy to use, but this type of sponge is not recommended for prolonged use. Why is this? Most people do not know how dirty the s...

How to distinguish the merits of the sponge?

How to distinguish the merits of the sponge?

At present, there are various kinds of sponge products on the market, and the quality is also uneven. So how do we choose a good sponge product for us who do...

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